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Self-Ligating Braces

Close up of smiling woman with self ligating braces at Gross Orthodontics in El Paso, TXSelf ligating braces by the Empower System are a newer technology of braces that utilizes a self-ligating mechanism. Self-ligating technology actually lessens the treatment time and requires fewer visits to our office, because the treatment can work very efficiently on its own. Here at Gross Orthodontics, we want you to have the best smile you can as fast as possible, and self ligating braces are one of the most efficient ways of doing so.

What Are Self Ligating Braces?

The Empower System uses a technology that straightens teeth efficiently without the use of elastic bands. Your braces will still consist of brackets and wires, but each bracket will have a clip on the front that the archwire can slide through freely, making it able to apply pressure on its own, in a much more gentle way than rubber bands. This mechanism reduces friction caused by rubber bands, and the brackets can be much smaller since there is much less pressure on them.

The Empower System specifically works to avoid the need of any other orthodontic appliances. Self ligating braces are proven to assist patients in many different areas, so there is a decreased need for expanders, headgear, or extractions with patients who choose the Empower System. Self ligating braces work to correct both tooth alignment and jaw alignment issues, as well as spacing issues within the mouth. All of these benefits come within one system, which means that your treatment plan will be much shorter and more comprehensive with the use of just one orthodontic appliance.

What Do Self Ligating Braces Look and Feel Like?

The Empower System's brackets come in traditional metal material, and, now, clear, nearly invisible brackets. This treatment looks just like traditional braces, with the archwire connecting the brackets, except it is much less noticeable, especially with no need for rubber bands and much smaller brackets.

The Empower System is proven to be more comfortable than traditional braces, since the archwire works to move teeth with gentle force and no friction. Rubber bands can be uncomfortable and apply pressure that can sometimes cause oral pain, and that risk is eliminated with the Empower System.

The results of using self ligating braces also looks slightly different than with traditional braces. With the Empower System, we are targeting to broaden the smile, help straighten teeth to a more upright position, and straighten teeth all simultaneously. The broad arch smile achieved by using the Empower System reduces dark triangles in the mouth's corners, which expands the visibility of the teeth located further back in the mouth.

Learn More About Self Ligating Braces

To learn more about Empower System’s self ligating braces and if they are the right choice for your orthodontic needs, please reach out to 915-615-6767 for our West side office and 915-751-7779 for our Northeast side office to schedule your consultation today!
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To learn more about Empower System’s self ligating braces and if they are the right choice for you, reach out to Gross Orthodontics for additional details!
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